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Alfredo Bergman is a great partner who provides excellent services with his remarkable voice and assertive interpretation.  It’s always a pleasure to work with him in our projects!

Filipe Ferreira

Filipe FerreiraCinemasul Director

We have worked with Alfredo for over 20 years. When it comes to sound quality and interpretation, Alfredo’s work goes far beyond expectations, so he deserves all our respect and admiration. Besides his voice skills, he is very concerned about deadlines.

Cida Oliveira

Cida OliveiraAudiobox managing partner

“Alfredo is no “Voice of God”, but he sounds like an anchor of the eight o’clock program on Celestial TV.

Calique Ludwig

Calique LudwigSound Director Trek Music

Alfredo is one of the best voice pros in the Brazilian market. Owner of an odd, serious, strong and neat timbre, he understands the scripts as a real journalist. Very professional in various styles, he delivers audios of the highest technical quality.

Carina Donida

Carina DonidaManaging Partner of Radioativa Producer

For 20 years we have been working with Alfredo, he is a real great professional voiceover, always concerned about sound quality and vocal brand, which ensures the success of our partnership. Besides, he has been a great friend for decades!

Felipe Plümmer

Felippe PlümmerPartner Owner of Draw Productions

Of my 35 years working in the advertising market as a creative video and audio director, for at least 20 years I’ve had the privilege of working with Alfredo Bergmann. We produce great audios for all sorts of clients in Brazil and abroad. Apart from being multitalented he often collaborates with pertinent suggestions and respects deadlines. Upfront professional, Alfredo Bergmann is very nice to work with!!

Agusto Barquett, Guga

Agusto Barquett, GugaElo Managing Partner

Alfredo, parabéns pelo seu novo site. Lembro quando trabalhávamos na TVE, nos anos 90. Você sempre responsável e preocupado com sua apresentação na notícia. Sempre criterioso passava credibilidade pela ótima voz firme. Era bom trabalhar com você.
Depois, acho que nos reencontramos na RBS, enquanto eu estava na TVCom você estava nas rádios do Grupo. Ou estou enganado.
Mas sempre amigo.
Grande abraço

Alexandre de Moura Pires

Alexandre de Moura PiresDiretor de Imagens RBS/Rede Globo

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